Let Me Show you Why Tens of Thousands of Individuals
Are paying Off Their Debt With This Unique Strategy...
But first, let me share with you a quick story that will help you to understand how damaging your debt/mortgage is, and more importantly, why YOU need to pay it off NOW.
From: The Kwak Brothers
RE: Does this Strategy Actually Work to Pay Off my Mortgage or Any Other Debt Faster?

If you’re here, then you’re likely to have some sort of a debt. Whether it’s student loans, mortgage, or car loans.
Am I right?

But did you know that the AVERAGE mortgage holders pay 2x as much as their home when they are finished paying off the loan?

Let alone, the Average Americans never get to finish paying off their mortgages or student loans until they are late into their life. 

And the number of people who actually get to pay off  their house because of the constant pressure to refinance. 

Very few people actually understand  that by refinancing, you’re starting the clock all over to   not only spend MORE time paying off their mortgage,   they are actually paying MORE in interest thus  making the banks more money.  

So the Million Dollar Question Becomes:

How Do I Pay OFF My Debt Without Having to Make More Money or Scrimp and Save?
To help answer that question, let me first share a quick story that will help you to understand what a what this Strategy is, and more importantly, why YOU need to USE it:
Did You Know That Your Local Banks Use This Strategy To Pay Off THEIR Debt with The Central Bank?
And when you deposit your money into your banks’ checking account, they can then take your money as collateral to borrow more money from the Federal Reserves (The Central Bank) at 10:1 ration. This is called the fractional banking system. 

Let's say you deposited $10,000 in your checking account. The bank can then borrow $100,000 as a line of credit from the Federal Reserve at a discount rate of around 2-3%. This is the interest that your local bank pays to the federal reserve. Then they turn around to lend YOU the same $100,000 for 4-6% interest on an amortized loan!
Do you notice how the local banks BORROW using a line of credit yet they lend on amortized loan? Why is that? The banks don't want you to know their secrets in using a line of credit to pay off their debt...

If the banks are using line of credit to pay off their creditors, why DON’T WE???
Wouldn’t you think the banks know how to make money? Wouldn’t you think they are maybe just a little smarter than we are?
You Just need to know what the Bank Does to pay off THEIR debt.
But instead of paying your banks TON of interest. We’re going to pay them LESS interest while paying off our debt quicker ALSO using a Line Of Credit like they do.
It’s Time for US to be educated on what TOOLS that the banks are using to pay off the debt. Not only that, we also need to learn HOW they are using those tools.

For You to be Able to…
 Pay Off your DEBT whether it’s Student Loans, Car Loans or a Mortgage 
 Not have to make more money to pay the loans off
 Not have to scrimp and save or cut expenses to pay the loans off
 Never worry about being trapped under the “spell” of your loans
You Need to Abandon Your Current Mindset On HOW You Pay Off Your Debt For You to BE FREE From Debt

If Whatever you are doing ISN’T WORKING, then you don’t have a strategy.
Simply Making MORE payment is not a strategy. It’s Called Being LAZY by throwing more Money Into the Problem than Being WISE about it.
The Truth Is…You can pay off your loans AND Actually keep your lifestyle the way it is.
…if it’s done the right way.
Secret #1 : Debt Acceleration Strategy Is the ONLY Way to Pay Off your Debt!
The debt acceleration strategy relies on TWO main things...

1. Using a Line of Credit to be able to take the money, repay it, and then reuse it. It's kinda like a credit card!

2. The ability to "manipulate" the Average Daily Balance & Average Daily Interest...

Now, you might be saying...

What the heck is "Average Daily Balance & Average Daily Interest"???

Average Daily Interest is an interest that is applied on the balance of the debt for THAT day. Average Daily Interest is calculated by taking the interest rate divided by 365 days TIMES the balance of that day... So if you have a $10,000 line of credit balance at 6% interest, that means you are paying $1.64 of interest for that specific day. If the balance changes the next day, so does the interest amount. Get it?

So what if we can take ALL of our income and cash that we have... Deposit it against your line of credit to bring down the average daily balance but still have the ability to use that money for our life's expenses??? Wouldn't that help with lowering your interest amount? Right?

By lowering our average daily balance, we are reducing the interest faster and by reducing the interest amount, our payoff time is drastically shortened. This is why the line of credit triumphs over your traditional mortgage or a loan even if the line of credit has a higher interest rate!
Secret #2 : Will This Strategy Work for You?
Now, you might be saying... "Is this strategy right for me?" or "What if I have a super unique situation?" 

This strategy DOES have its requirements...

1.) You must have a positive cash flow. Meaning, you are making more money than what you spend. If you're living paycheck-to-paycheck, you can STILL use this strategy but you must move to a positive cash flow situation sooner than later. There are ways to recover lost cash flow pretty quickly without cutting back on expenses.

2.) If you are looking to pay off your mortgage, then you must have a minimum 10% equity. Though you can use this strategy without hardly any equity, it's optimal to have at least some equity!

3.) If you are looking to pay off anything else (student loans, credit card, auto-loans), we have special tools just for you!

"But... What if my income is inconsistent?"

This strategy is PERFECT for those that have fluctuating incomes as it helps you keep a consistent expense flow without having to cut back on your spending whenever you have a bad month.

Secret #3 : Where do I get these Lines of Credit?
Okay... So you need a line of credit? 

There are different types of lines of credit:
1.) HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)
2.) PLOC (Personal Line of Credit)
3.) BLOC (Business Line of Credit)
4.) Credit Cards (Yup! That's right!)

You can use any of those tools to implement this strategy! Generally, You can get lines of credit from banks and credit unions. 

Banks and Lenders will typically look at couple of things... 

They'll look at your credit, your debt-to-income ratio, your current mortgage statement, and your overall financial strength. If you don't have a good credit, there ARE banks that look for other factors so don't give up!

You can typically improve your likelihood for approval by (1) adding a co-signer (2) having a strong understanding of banking (3) and filling out your application with as much information as possible. Banks and credit unions are businesses. Qualifications are often subjective and you can negotiate your way to increasing your approval potential!

"I was able to pay off 2 of my credit cards in just 3 months using the Debt Acceleration Strategy! Now I'm paying off my mortgage the same way! This is incredible" 

- Ida

"So... Where And How Do I Start?"
We left you with some basic concepts as to how the accelerated debt reduction strategy works. A Lot of what we covered is just an overview and it helps you with the direction of where you need to go.  
But some of you may feel lost about HOW you need to start and where to begin.
We remember feeling lost, scared, and stuck when I first came across this strategy too and it’s perfectly normal. But luckily, We had group of people who helped me digest this new information and helped me implement the strategy in our own situation.

So we want to make you an offer…
I want to make you an offer where if you do this, this can help you get started and DRAMATICALLY increase your chance for success in applying this strategy in your life.

The Debt Free Accelerator Program
We created the Debt Free Accelerator Program with one thing in mind… 


Instead of just watching an online class or a online course, we want to give you the opportunity to ask questions, engage with other members and share new ideas as you move forward in paying off your debt
We created this program unlike others because other programs are one directional.

The other program talks AT you.
The Debt Free Accelerator Program is bi-directional.
We want to have a conversation WITH you

The REASON why we created the program is to help you implement this strategy in your life by getting a real life help from real life people. Like us! :)
So here’s what you’re going to get…
BONUS #1 - Q&A Mastermind Forum
With our Mastermind Forum, You have the ability to login to our program and ask questions. 
In which myself and countless other members can jump in to answer your questions or chime in on their experience. 
Maybe someone else asked a question where you didn’t think about asking it. It’s all about collaboration and building a community. 
I, myself, will jump in on the mastermind forum 2-3 times a day just to see if there’s any questions to be answered or I can provide further insight. I know you have a unique situation so I want to give you the  unique answer you need!

Bonus #2 - Real Estate Master Class
Now we're thinking offense... How do we create passive income now that you're debt free?

The Real Estate & Financial Master Class is going to give you the strong foundation to help you build your real estate investing empire. You'll get a taste of how to begin your journey of becoming a real estate investing!
These courses are also designed to help you become financially literate in understanding some of the key concepts and strategies that the wealthy individuals use to grow their wealth and keep their wealth!

Bonus #3 - Debt Acceleration Strategy Master Class
The moment you’ve been waiting for!

This is the master class that will cover the step by step and the play by play process to show you how to best implement this strategy . We'll talk about the different versions of the strategy... How it works, we'll give you the bank recommendations, how to start applying the strategy, what do you do with your checking account, etc.

Again, it’s ALL about the engagement and we're going to go deep into the details so that you understand every inch of this strategy!
Imagine saving THOUSANDS of dollars in interest alone.  
Bonus #4 - Premium Debt Acceleration & CFI Calculator 
This is the famous “Excel Sheet Calculator” that everyone is looking for.
This calculator will give you an estimate of how fast you’re going to be able to pay off your debt, how much interest you will be saving and the estimated steps on how the math works for your given situation.
All you have to do is plug in your loan information, income and expenses.
Unlike this free version of the calculator, we are ACTUALLY going to show you the step by step math instead of just seeing the results! You'll see the Daily steps and the monthly steps to use this strategy! 

On top of the debt acceleration calculator, you're also going to get our CFI (Cash Flow Index) calculator which will show you which debt to pay off first if you have multiple debt. That way, you can recover your cash flow quicker and more efficiently!

 BONUS #1 - Q&A Mastermind Forum ($197 Value)
 BONUS #2 - Real Estate Master Class ($2497 Value)
 BONUS #3 - Accelerated Debt Reduction Master Course ($4997 Value)
 BONUS #4 - 'Battle-Test' Accelerated Debt Reduction Calculator ($997 Value)
 BONUS #5 - Banks & Lender Recommendations (U.S. and Canada)
 BONUS #6 - (COMING SOON) Credit & Banking Master Class Added to the
Or 3 Payments Of $175
Here’s What People Are Saying:
Check Out Mike's Story & Transformation...

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like our program within 7 days of your purchase, we'll give you the money back! 
Now YOU Have Two Choices…

The first option is to do NOTHING. You can go back to watching YouTube videos and leech of free content. (AKA Marketing) and stay stuck without having an online community, the support, the training and a proven system to help you.


The Second Option is… Jump right on board as we welcome you with open arms and a celebration of your decision to get started. You are making a decision for you! For your family, for your legacy and your financial well-being. You can choose to allow us to help you and make a lasting impact.

What Are You Waiting For?
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P.S: I can't wait to interact and have conversations with you on our Q&A Mastermind Forum!!!
Here Are Few Questions We Get ALOT:
1. Will I be able to talk to someone directly?

Yes, you’ll have the ability to interact with myself and the countless other members that are part of our online community, “Debt Hackers”. Though we don’t offer a phone support in this program, we have created an amazing forum and a discussion portal where you can interact with real people.

2. Can I access the courses at anytime?

Yes, you can access the courses 24/7. Classes are recorded and they are on-demand.

3. Do you recommend banks and lenders?

Yes we do. While our recommendations may change, we always find the best of the best that is compatible with our strategy and for your situation

4. Will this program work for Canada, Australia, and U.K.?

As far as our Accelerated Debt reduction course? Yes! The real estate investing course? No. We haven’t quite gotten to our international customers just yet when it comes to our real estate investing training. But, our accelerated debt reduction training is applicable to most of the commonwealth countries.

5. Is the payment link secure?

Yes, our websites are protected and encrypted to make sure that your information is safe and sound from the bad guys.

6. Will this work if my income is inconsistent?

Yes, this strategy works perfectly with those individuals that have inconsistent income. You might be a commission based employee or you have a business that have seasons. With a line of credit, you can actually keep a steady budget of your spending without worrying about your income showing up to cover your expenses.

7. Is the Calculator part of the program?

Yes it is! You have access to it for life!

8. How Often do the classes get updated?

We try to update our classes within the 1-3 month interval. Some classes may take a longer period to update due to how slow the information changes.

9. What makes your program different than anyone else?

I’m glad you asked! Our program is focused in engagement and the relationship. Most courses are just videos talking at you. We opened the doors for you to ask questions, interact, engage with us and become part of the Debt Hacker family! Our program also comes with our proprietary calculator in which none of the other programs come close to replicating a calculator like ours. Another reason why we’re different is we offer both defensive and offensive strategies. Not only do we teach you how to save money on interests and taxes, we offer an opportunity for you to start investing in real estate to create wealth and income. No other program in our price range offers that level of value and training.

10. I Already have a Line of Credit (HELOC, PLOC, BLOC) Will This Work For me?

Absolutely! You're much ahead of everyone who doesn't have a line of credit. It's kinda like having a Swiss Army Knife and you knew how to use was the knife part. We're going to show you how you can use "the screw driver, the scissor, the saw" that comes with the Swiss Army Knife. Your line of credit does more than just borrowing and paying back. We're going to show you how you can maximize this tool!

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